Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Error you cannot input more than 255 characters MultiChoice Field

IF you have a field with values with more than 255 characters to a choice field and you add them all to your document, the following message is shown:

"you cannot input more than 255 characters"

Solution: Create a List with all the options of this field and modify the field on the Document Library to type Lookup. Select the checkbox "Allow unlimited length in document libraries"

Now you can have more than 255 characters in choice field.

This also works with the easylinkdocs Solution on codeplex http://easylinkdocs.codeplex.com/

Note: This only happen in document library. Not in custom lists.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SharePoint Error: Cannot import the Ad Rotator Web Part

When adding Ad Rotator Web Part to another Web App and error appear "Cannot import the Ad Rotator Web Part"

That's because the Solutions is not implemented in Central Administration.


1- Go to Central Administration
2- System Settings
3- Manage Farm Solutions
4- Select Solution "sectorpoint.products.adrotator.wsp"
5- Select "Deploy Solutions"
6- Select the Web Application you trying to add the Web Part
7- After Deploying try to add the Web Part again
8- Done

Hope it works.